Air cleaning machines

Salema Technology has developed a line of mobile air cleaning (purification) machines (also called FFU (Fan Filter Unit). These machines can realize air displacement and bring a space or room in negative pressure (underpressure) (NPU) or positive (overpressure) (PPU) and keep and control that air pressure. At the same time, air purification takes place in which the air is purified by a filter package of any pollution, contaminants, contamination, harmful and dangerous substances. Depending on the filters that are used, contamination, fibre, particles and micro particles as; dust, particulate matter, asbestos, fungus, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, pollen and even smell can be filtered from the air.

The Salema Technology design has many unique features:

negative-air-machine-unterdruckhaltegerät-extracteur-d'air-onderdruk-machine-purificador-de aire-depurazione-dell'aria-depressor-luftrenare
  • Light weight robust aluminium housing,
    powder coated

  • Sturdy handles for machine handling and fixation of the ACU during transport

  • Strong casters, front wheels swinging with brake

  • The ACU units are easily stackable

  • Seal cover outlet side for safe transport

  • Safety cover (transport cover) on suction side with magnetic tool box

  • Including T-grip torque tool for securing the holding frame (for fixation of the filter) and safety transport cover

  • Including filter room status plate for recognition of dirty or clean filter room

negative-air-positive-pressure-unit-device-negativ-druck-positiv-druck-gerät-maschine- negatieve-positieve-lucht-druk-apparaat
  • Highly energy efficient electric motor

  • High capacity/performance optimized fan

  • Highest quality electronics

  • Status and warning lights with 360° visibility*

  • Quick and easy to replace power cord with strain relief

  • Large, 7 Inch, full colour, touch screen (industrial) control panel*

  • Low noise emission design

  • Unique double filter room (airtight) for maximum safety

  • Fully smooth inner housing for easy cleaning

  • Unique double safety seal construction

  • Easy docking with containment base plate and magnetic holding frame, no need for applying tape*

  • Suitable for virtually all filter manufacturers. Salema Technology does not force users to use certain brands

  • Full user management system, user log can be stored on USB*

  • Very complete alarm log file, can be saved on USB*

  • User log for full registration of settings*

  • Intelligent automatic and manual filter management for efficient use of filters*

  • Datalog functionality (continuous real time) for measurement process information, can be stored on USB*

  • Automatic soft start

  • Can be used as a underpressure (negative pressure) or as a overpressure (positive pressure) machine

  • Automatic recovery start after power supply failure

  • 3-fold control mode; manual, automatic and guard control*

  • Complete user definable alarms for containment pressure and filter replacement*

  • Several convenient gauges for process information*

  • Process information appears in real-time graphs on a separate screen*

  • Boot screen customisable by user with own company logo and contact information*

* – Only ACU-IQ
Do you want to know more about the Salema Technology air cleaning machines? Click here for the brochure!

The Salema Technology ACU is available in various types / models


ACU 1500

Check out the ACU 1500
negative-air-machine-unterdruckhaltegerät-extracteur-d'air-onderdruk-machine-purificador-de aire-depurazione-dell'aria-depressor-luftrenare

ACU 3200

Check out the ACU 3200

ACU 6200

Check out the ACU 6200

ACU 10000

Check out the ACU 10000