Clean air is a universal need. There are many places and applications where clean air/high air quality are not self-evident. Due to various causes, the  concentration of contamination, fibres, particles and micro particles like; dust, particulate matter, asbestos, fungus, viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, pollen and odours can be very high.

In some applications and cases, there is legislation that provides for the above issues to remain within acceptable levels. However, our experience shows that in many cases, applications and areas safety is hardly guaranteed and that even with regulated standards of dangerous or harmful substances such as asbestos, fungi, high concentrations of dust and particulate matter there is a high risk of (permanent) damage to humans and the environment.

Besides the legislation, the equipment used is also essential to exclude risks as much as possible. And in particular in that area is where we want to make a difference in comparison with the competition and want to be far ahead of the (sometimes inadequate) legislation in this area.

Salema Technology’s engineering team started the design of the air purifier from their own strengths. Not looking at competition, not just meeting with current health and safety regulations and other laws and regulations, but from own experience and insights come up with a design like a machine should be;

  • Progressive measures for maximum safety and protection of people and the environment

  • Using parts and materials of the best quality

  • Optimized ease of use

  • Extensive possibilities for the professional

  • Intelligent design with unique features

  • Robust design suitable for mobile use


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